With the pandemic speeding up the growth of online sales from 3.4% in 2007 to 26.9% in November 2021 (ons.gov.uk), you might have expected the number of vandalism claims to reduce. However, our figures show they’re more common than ever, with figures staying relatively steady since 2013.

There were with dips in vandalism claims during the two lockdowns in 2021, but volumes rose significantly in the Summer. Since 2019, London has been the hotspot for these type of claims (12.9% of jobs), followed by Oldham (11.4%), Sunderland (11.4%), Bradford (10.4%) and Bolton (10%). Areas with the lowest percentage of claims caused by vandalism include Ipswich (1.5%), the Outer Hebrides (1.4%), Inverness (1.2%), Orkney (1%) and the Shetland Isles (0.4%).