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Clear vision

To deliver an integrated, efficient and cost effective vehicle glass repair and replacement service for the plant and agricultural industry.

As a forward thinking organisation our business model is designed with flexibility to evolve with the needs and requirements of every customer.

Unique approach

Auto Windscreens’ specialist glazing division has its own dedicated management team. Our highly skilled staff, based both in the head office and in the network, have access to the latest technology to deal with your enquiry. The team are on hand to provide a seamless process and get your vehicle back out on the road as quickly as possible.

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Side or rear window replacement

You will require a replacement window if you have suffered any damage to your side or rear window. An essential safety feature of both the side and rear windows means they crumble into small granular chunks when broken, rather than splintering into random jagged shards. Therefore any damage means you require a new window.

If it isn’t possible to immediately replace your side or rear window, we will temporarily secure your vehicle so you can safely drive your vehicle until a replacement is installed.

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